insanity jones


insanity jonesInsanity Jones —

Could hold an entire fire department AND the postal service at bay. Could strike fear into the hearts of birds and squirrels [and while birds may be easy, squirrels and firemen are not], inspire stories of special and significant value, and still could, to the person he chose to give warm fur and comfort to, give that too.

You will be missed Insanity.



wolfgang amadeus mozart
aka insanity jones
jul 1991 — oct 17, 2007


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  1. Thank you Max-
    Love From
    Anita and Wolfgang aka Insanity Jones

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  3. max

    Thank you, Anita, for sharing Insanity.

  4. Goodbye, sweet cat! Er, ok, maybe not so sweet, but goodbye! My condolences, Anita!

  5. Hi, I’ve been missing for a while, but wanted to add my condolences. Victor Gato and Albert le Chat send warm thoughts as well.

    Great photo.

  6. Condolences. The loss of a pet is a severe loss indeed, especially one with that much personality.

  7. I found this online.

    “Is Heaven all you asked of it,
    O little cat? Did Peter fit
    A halo for your graceless head?
    Is there a quilt for your special bed,
    And a bowl of cream just out of reach
    Of your thieving paw? Or do They teach
    You not to steal in Paradise?
    Does the flapping of Their wings entice?
    Do you scamper and swing on a golden fence,
    Or are They teaching you reverence?
    And are there really golden thrones
    Up there? Or do the Mighty Ones
    Have nice fat chairs that you can claw
    And tear and snag with an impious paw?
    And do the angels understand
    That a little cat in a lonely land
    Still longs for a kiss and a friendly cuff?

    Celestial joys are not enough.
    Please, some small saint in shining white,
    Hold him close in your arms tonight.”

  8. max

    I just hope there are firemen in the hereafter. Insanity would not be happy without firemen.

  9. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks so much… all

    I actually got that photo of Insanity by lowering my camera into the bushes and just snapping away- that was his ” Fort ” plus from there he had a straight shot to the fire hydrant next door so…

    And I’m sure Insanity has Firemen to chase around, I mean- it’s heaven right?

  10. max

    It is Fourth O’ July every day.

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