in the room with the blind man




There are stories about blind men in rooms who can’t get out because they can’t see the door. The stories have morals. Like maybe the reason you can’t find the answer is not because there is no answer, it’s because you are looking at the problem the wrong way.



The tonsu has feet that got packed in the wrong place and I could not find them right off after the move and ever since, for months, every time I look at the tonsu, I think, I must find those feet, where could they be?



The feet are not original tonsu feet. They are interesting oversized bolts I found that looked really interesting on the tonsu. I won’t drill them into the tonsu, the tonsu is from like circa 1700 and I won’t put drills in it. So the legs attach to the tonsu with earthquake putty and go in a little bag every time I move. And this move? I couldn’t find the legs after the move.



This is all worsened because the tonsu is sitting against a wall with a lot of wire outlets that, if the tonsu does not have feet? Are visible just above the top of the tonsu. So now, since I moved in around, Oh, DECEMBER LAST YEAR AHHH! I have been seeing the tonsu with no legs and with wire outlets peeping out over the top forever thinking, maybe I should dig through one more tool chest to see if I can find the tonsu’s legs.



Out of the blue one night, I got all rambunctious and not blind-man-in-the-room and it occurred to me, I could just buy the tonsu new legs. Holy crap, that would solve the whole issue!



There is the tonsu. It has new legs. They are pretty and match up and look you can’t see a single wire poking out of a wall above the tonsu.



I wish I spent less time in the room with the blind man.


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