in a post apocalyptic world


mistressYou are a No Rules Rebel.

In a post apocalyptic world you will do just fine.

Without others around telling you what to do you can do whatever you damn well please.

And you look good doing it.


:::your post apocalyptic self:::


where i nabbed this quiz :
that is from raincoaster

where the art work comes from :
that is mistress from dew wipe

26 Responses to in a post apocalyptic world

  1. No rules rebel but I am that already!

  2. I’m a Bounty Hunter- the world has gone to Hell, I survive by my instincts and hunting humans is what I do instead of having relationships with them.



  3. I am a cyber punk. I am slick to the core, apparently. Woohoo.

  4. You are way cooler than me. I’m just a bounty hunter. At least I’ll have all the money and the stuff.

  5. New Messiah you will form a new society in the post apocalyptic world through violence, bloodshed, and the worlds only large scale supply of cheetos, the cheese that goes crunch.

    fine…i wasa bounty hunter

  6. max

    New Messiah was pretty good.

  7. why thank you. I didn’t like bounty hunter. If i’m going to be post apocalyptic killer type i wanna do it to survive, not to profit. i thought messiah covered that ambition well

  8. mdvp

    Damn… I tried five times but I just kept getting Bounty Hunter.

  9. Oh, who am I fooling? Like I could be a Bounty Hunter- I actually give change to the homeless guys in Pioneer Square when the weather is bad.

    But it felt good to pretend.


  10. I am bounty hunter.

    And now my life makes perfect sense.

    I’ll be hunting you down, Max. Muhahaha!

  11. aj

    I am a no rules rebel — In a post apolocalyptic world, you’ll do just fine. Without others around telling you what to do, you can do whatever you damn well please, and look good doing just that.

  12. max

    Awful lot of bounty hunters around here.

  13. it grades on a bell curve…bounty hunter is every thing between 4 and 96

  14. max

    There is an unsane person playing some sort of frilly rap song over and over and over again really loud in front of the building. I wonder if a jury would convict.

  15. you are cute and have feminine wiles…

    i’d be willing to chance it were I you

  16. What is a frilly rap song? Do you mean hip hop?

  17. max

    I guess. Yeterday it was some song about chicken soup. Over and over and over. This one did not even have a subject matter it was just like merry go round rap or something. Very disturbing.

  18. sometimes it sounds like you live in the midst of a very surreal three ring circus

    oh, hollywood…duh

  19. i was there like 25 years ago

    it was much like you describe it now then

  20. max

    God. It is not someone in the street. It is psycho faux record guy, he just has it blasting into the street to confuse the direction. I should never have said a word about that crack whore being quiet I jinxed it. Sigh.

  21. my neighbor used to do that..the one i can’t stand. So I bought two big thumping cerwin-vega speakers and aimed them at his place.

    I no longer hear his music. Ever

    g’night max

  22. I’m a wasteland warrior.

    Actually, I don’t think I survived the apocolypse, but they didn’t give me an option, did they?

  23. max

    You are the zombie on the dispatch radio saying “send more cops” right?

  24. “You are the zombie on the dispatch radio saying “send more cops” right?”

    heehee I remember that scene.

  25. Zombie, that’s me.

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