skatesI have this deep desire —

To get a big role of police tape and go around to annoying neighbors’ places and tape off their doors like crime scenes.

You know that would just be fun for the whole family.


this post inspired by aj’s csi : gone to the dogs

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  1. I was thinking you should get rid of the breathe right strips and get a microphone and an amplifer.

  2. max

    I have watched “adults” from suburbia try to intimidate “kids” from gangland.
    It is kind of funny. And stupid. And sad.

    Suburbia Nimrod: If you do not cooperate I will take away your tv privs.

    Gangland Kid: Gee, that looks rough in coparison to getting shot or kicked to death or beaten dead or sliced up with a razor. Got anything real in that box o’ threats?

    My neighbor has a megaphone.
    Me getting a megaphone, that on his scale would not even constitute a threat. Just a competition.

    You guys just do not get how funny this bastard coming back to his place and seeing it all taped off like a crime scene is right?

  3. aj

    That is no way to go about getting your wall board put up.

  4. Oh please do. And have AJ take a pic. Tell neighbor guy it’s all for art.

  5. Easy rollergirl, I wouldn’t want to hear that anything bad happened to you on the news —

    Blonde with megaphone police taped to chair on roof… Film at 11:00.

  6. especially if you go and do it while your neighbors are at work so they have something nice to come home to.

  7. Oh yeah, now I get it …..he comes home to crime scene tape on the door. Brilliant! You would have to have a hidden camera……. so we can see him freak out.

  8. Use the tape that says Toxic Waste.
    I have.

  9. aj

    I cannot photograph this act, Stiletto, it would ruin my delicate flower persona.

  10. max

    I am going to pay off Mildred the Drunken Psychic to change out that Leo description it has warped you.

  11. aj

    They say you have moments of clarity when you are full to the ears on Vodka. This may just be Mildred’s best work yet.

  12. I’ve actually done a chalk outline of a body (like where the victim was kinda outline) before in the middle of hallway. You’d be surprised how many people ignored it.

  13. A chalk outline, Tommy….actually I would love to draw one on the ground below me…except people would freak because the woman a few floors down threw herself off the balcony and killed herself last year.

    Not so funny.

    My nephew is always playing pranks from my building. He’s going to eventually get me kicked out from my apt. I think I’ll send him over to Max’s so she can get him to do some crafty handiwork.

  14. AJ, you have a delicate flower persona? {{{Sputter}}}

    Oh, that’s right – persona – key word.


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