i'm a bit in love with san antonio

I went out today on my own downtown. I haven’t left the building since I got here except once with a colleague to go see the studio. That makes heading out on my own walking through downtown a big thing.

I’ve always been some agoraphobic. I got more that after locking down two years. I’m self contained. I do okay in lock down. I did start to miss people though. That’s rare for me. To think that. “I miss people.”

Walking through downtown San Antonio, the buildings are very beautiful. They are old buildings, with old architecture. The kind of architecture that dates back to the days when architects added details like spires just to make things beautiful.

I found the River Walk. It is ridiculous I did not know where that was. I live right downtown. I have been here a while now, too, but I have no sense of direction so striking out on foot thinking “I should go look at the River Walk” is tricky if you are not quite sure which direction it is from the front door. The iPhone knows though. The iPhone knows everything. I had to mute it to get it to stop talking though. It likes to talk.

iPhone: “Go left!”

Me: “Shut up, I don’t want people on the street to know I need an iphone and Google map to go two blocks without getting lost!”

iPhone: “It looks like you’re working out.”

Me: “You are so on mute.”

iPhone: “Rude!”

Really the reason I went out was because I was on my last pack of smokes. That’s what usually forces me into the big wide world. I could have waited till tomorrow. I had a pack left. But tomorrow is my birthday and I didn’t want to be lost wandering downtown searching for smokes on my birthday.

I didn’t get lost.

I have smokes.

And cake!

And San Antonio is the prettiest city I have ever lived in.

I’m happy here.

Your A Bit In Love With San Antonio Adams Girl

2 Responses to i’m a bit in love with san antonio

  1. Karen E. Rigley

    So glad you’re happy there! It’s so beautiful. Sending hugs & love

  2. seemaxrun

    Karen! It’s so nice to see you here. Thank you! Hugs and love back!

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