i'll sleep with you if you make my movie


sensesThat is a workshop t-shirt slogan.

[No, not the picture, the title, it is a slogan jeez pervos!]

I just got the shirt and have been saving it to wear to a business meeting which I thought was the perfect occasion but today I have a better occasion. Today I can really make a first and lasting impression with that shirt. Yay!

The shirt is funny to me. Of course I named the workshop 5150 – that is police code for “danger to self and others” – and I think that is funny too so you can pretty much figure I am a little aberrant going in and if you have not figured that out yet well you just have not read enough of the blog. [coughcoughslackercoughcough]

Most of my workshop shirts are just loose baseball jerseys with a big “5150” on the back. This is Hollywood. Real Hollywood. The part of Hollywood that is a mix of haves and have nots. It is regularly cruised by police in squad cars and I often wonder what police cruising in squad cars think when they see some little blonde with anime hair trotting around the neighborhood with a big 5150 plastered on her back. [Nothing good, probably.] But. We made these workshop shirts. And one of them is “I’ll sleep with you if you make my movie.” And today I have the perfect occasion to wear it. I am hooking up with a writer I have never met before. So, you know, big day, first impressions and all that, I have to dress just right….

As soon as I thought, What am I going to wear? I thought about this shirt. And started laughing.

I do not always choose apparel based on how hard it makes me laugh. [Okay, yes I do, but I am not going to tell you that.] But today it seemed real appropriate.

Coffee is going to be fun.

Love and Kisses,

Your Don’t Believe Everything You Read On Her Shirt Adams Girl


where the art work comes from :
that is my senses tell me to stop by pensiero

who thought up that slogan :
joan tossed that out while she, aj and i were brainstorming slogans

the unfortunate victim of my aberrant fashion choice :
deborah who was maybe a little concerned i might expect her to have sex with me after reading that shirt

17 Responses to i’ll sleep with you if you make my movie

  1. max

    I wore heels too. I am all frisky today.

  2. As I recall, I did offer to sleep with you and make your movie. But alas, you turned me down.

    Heels? Shit, I missed the heels.

  3. max

    Oh those were definitely heels, they are just disguised and subtle heels, I am not really 5’9″ you know.

  4. Wish You best of luck with the writer.


  5. max

    Um, thanks Ebit. [You did get the writer is a girl and a straight girl and I am a girl and a straight girl and we are engaged in witty banter at the moment tossing that back and forth as a joke, right?]

  6. i thought you wanted her help to write something for you….

  7. aj

    Heels and that shirt?? Go back and caps that “hussy” for me would you.

  8. max

    No way I am saving my strength to hobble to the store for smokes.

  9. Sophia

    You wasted that unique, pricelss shirt for a girl writer, a straight girl writer? Remember that New Year’s Eve drunken blogging? I’ll see you there!

  10. I just love this shirt.

    It did not work for me in the cheese shop though.

  11. max

    Oh I am sure you were THE topic at several church socials directly after your visit to the local house of cheese.

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