i'll kill you


I nabbed this at Michele’s it is hilarious to me.




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  1. That cat cracks me up.

  2. Look at those pupils: that cat is HIGH!

  3. Kitty crack will cause this sort of problem…..

  4. max

    I am not going to ask what sort of history you guys have with cats that you would check a cat’s pupils for drug use. Jeez.

  5. It IS hilarious! My 12 year and I just watched it 3 times and fell off the chair every time after “DIE!”

    I’m stealing for a Sunday giggle on my site. Awesome stuff.

  6. max

    I was watching and at first thought it was kind of a bore. Then I laughed. Then I laughed harder. Then I laughed hard enough it had to go up.

  7. You know, I’m thinking that kitty then invoiced the printer owner $150 for servicing the printer.

  8. max

    As all smart kitties would.

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