if you see this post


If you see this post —

It means I am still not back.

Do not dial 911 wherever I am I am sure I am having fun.


Love and Kisses,

Your Carousing Adams Girl


ps : has anyone seen my shoes?


where the art work comes from :
that is from chaovsky

0 Responses to if you see this post

  1. So, um, how did this post happen?

  2. max

    Oh I stacked the que, it is a ninja trick.

  3. Max+ninja=evenmorescary

  4. max

    Oh I am not scary I am a delicate flower.

  5. That’s it! Who has dared kidnap you? I’m taking them out!

    No, not in an ‘assassin’ sort of way…I mean WITH ME! They sound like fuN!

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