idle musings


I was wondering why it takes four cases of C4, three chipped nails and a dispensation letter from the Pope to open a DVD wrapper.

Never mind. I am sure I will be able to watch this DVD sometime in 2009. Now I have to go find my hard hat and chisel.


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  1. Dan

    Hard hat and a chisel? Throw on a tool belt and I’ll come over to help. :)

  2. max

    Construction girl fantasy there Dan?

  3. You know in England they don’t wrap CDs at all?
    We are so paranoid about theft here and hell, people are stealing unwrapped music off the internet like crazy.
    I say we should get rid of the shrink wrap and the tape that says, “Pull here.” Like it matters where you pull.

  4. I especially like it when I find the DVD case sealed on three sides with that damn tape once I finally get through the outer cellophane wrapper.

  5. max


  6. Dan


    Oh look, that guy over there looks just like Jayne! ::whistles::

  7. max

    I will be in my bunk….

  8. Have you noticed how there is a definite relationship between how much more tape, plastic wrapping, etc. there is when the movie is truly crap?

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