i wonder sometimes


robot girl faceWhy do people —

Always assume every other sentient being in the universe wants to be like people? This shows up all the time in science fiction. The Cylons want to be like people. The Terminators want to be like people. Statues want to be people. Dolls want to be people. Even angels apparently want to be people. We sure like ourselves a lot to assume machines would rise up and then just want to be like people or angels would be willing to fall to earth just to be people. Looking at the state of the world and people and what people are getting up to in that world there are a lot of days I do not even want be a member of clan people. Why would they?


where the art work comes from :
that is from the cover of machine nation by richard evans

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  1. That’s a damn good question. Even Pinocchio wanted to be like people.

  2. One word: Love.

    … Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  3. I’m watching “Meet Joe Black” this morning. Hell, even Death wanted to be a person to experience the world. Apparently Death’s world isn’t ALL that.

  4. max

    It becomes preposterous if you think about it too hard.

  5. I think that there’s a planet out there where the highest form of life lives underwater and they only live for two years and they’re too busy living to spend a minute envying us.

    I wonder if I can learn to hold my breath for along time?

  6. Maybe someday they will figure out that any of the other species of animals on this planet could have evolved the way we did, but they were all smart enough not to.

  7. well, who do WE want to be like? angels, terminator, undying death personifications or fiction writers?
    because now they are on strike, the truth is finally coming out.

  8. “One word: Love.

    … Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.”

    Have we really done such good job loving that it must be our sole providence? I figure Angels and Dolls might be able to swing the trick on their own, without aping out mistakes.

  9. Brut

    Yesterday several small birds were picking up seeds in the snow that were being dropped out of a bird feeder by bigger birds. This was being watched by a bevy of fat doves sitting on a telephone wire over head. The doves in turn were being eyed by a hungry hawk perched high in a pine tree preparing to dive on them.

  10. Sure, Brut, natural law, but what does that have to do with everything wanting to be human? From what you describe, the birds were content being themselves.

  11. Hey, Max, if you do plan to make A.J. a sandwich, could I be the other piece of bread?

    Just checking.

  12. Death’s world isn’t all that? Why, I can’t imagine.

  13. Brut

    Well, Lulu Malone… I for one really prefer to be at the top of the food chain.

  14. max

    Death, Angels, and the Terminator are at the top of food chain.

    And we have not done such a bang up job of love any other sentient being should want to mimic our efforts.

    Personally, I think it is just like when people were all happy with the idea the sun rotated around us. We like to consider ourselves a good more special than we as a whole or individually are.

  15. max

    [lulu jeez always flirting up my guys]

  16. californiablogging

    You just hurt my brain! Isn’t there a movie about aliens becoming cats?

  17. max

    Jeez, between Time Warner cable messing up and WordPress’s dashboard and pages jacking me around it is next to impossible to function on the blog for the last couple days. Sigh.

  18. I don’t know Brut–look behind you!

  19. Aw, come on, Max, you know I just wanted to be close to you.

  20. Brut

    Death is a creature of time the other two of the imagination.
    Lulu Malone (I love that name, so musical, makes me want to write lyrics)I only look back to try and learn from a mistake… usually someone elses as I seldom err (cough) (cough)(cough)

  21. max

    Brut you are sort of missing the point. If people can imagine greater beings than themselves, why can people only imagine greater beings wanting only to be people? “Hello, greater being, don’t you just want to be me?”

  22. Um, hello? I think you are mistaken. I, for one, think I am a Goddess. So – I gather I’m not alone.

  23. Brut

    The point being I do not believe people only imagine greater beings than themselves wanting to be people… and as you point out it shows up all the time in science fiction. And if that sci-fi is not plausible, it really sucks or is the stuff of comic books. Reality is the antithesis of imagination and fiction. Reality and Fiction are like proton and electron, they destroy one another; they cannot exist together in the same time and space. If it is real it is not imagined if it is fiction it is not real and probably what is fictitious or not depends on each individuals life experience. Therefore I do agree, Stilleto is a Goddess

  24. max

    Wow. Flunked philosophy and logic 101 huh?

    You might not want to flash that around next time you try to hit on a girl but at least you have good taste in girls.

  25. Oh, I’m so confused. I think I flunked philosophy and logic 101!

    I’m going back to my regularly scheduled program!

  26. max

    You are fine. Brut on the other hand better stick to basket weaving 101.

  27. People just can’t get over themselves. I think it’s just programed…it’s all about covering up the fact we are scared to death of the unknown.

  28. OK, I know I won’t be believed, but being somewhat clairvoyant, I have seen angels, so they are not imaginary, and I can tell you they are quite content being angels, and not humans. I saw the angel who came and stood next to my grandma as she died, so one can presume that particular angel is related to Death, who is also very happy with her nature as well, and Brut, Death is not only a creature of time, but of opportunity.

    Some angels are so large, that when in your presence, the are quite humbling, and I can assure you when you meet them, they will cure any idea you might have of being the top of the food-chain, or the dominant creature of existence. We are actually quite small.

    Check out the Enchains system, for example, if you are interested in such beings and things as I am.

    Brut, you now owe me a song, since I am apparently your muse now, and so I am waiting. I appreciate being lyrically appreciated.

    Oh, and Brut–not looking back might be your final mistake, if you are eaten because of it.

  29. Umm, somehow “Enochian” was changed to “Enchains”–I must now go speak to my spell check.

  30. oh god max,
    being part of the human race? it’s just too tedious.
    i prefer hiding out, having the occasional spurt of creativity (lacking the last month) and enjoying the art of others.
    to be ‘part of’ though?
    too tough.
    far too tough.
    you make an interesting observation. as always.

    hope you’re well my friend


  31. max

    Hey, Miss R. Yeah, this human race thing is rough.

  32. Why do they always want to be human beings? because the stories are told by human beings from a self centered, human centered viewpoint, because they are stories told by us about us, praising ourselves and puzzling as to why we are so special. Even the ones with the aliens who want to breed us like cattle to eat us. It’s always about us because we think we’re special.

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