i think they got this one wrong


whisperLooking back —

[I am feeling all mortal and introspective lately — that is probably dead father backlash]

I keep thinking about this thing people always say, that it is not the things you did during life you regret, it is the things you did not do.


I think that is wrong. When I look backwards, I do not have regrets over missing out somehow sometime somewhere because I did not do something. When I am worrying at the past I am almost always thinking, Oh Christ what a mistake that was. Or, Thank God I did NOT do that.


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  1. Jordan

    I think that saying is directed at people who’ve never stepped out of the cradle they were born in.

    I went through the same feelings after my dad died…actually fourteen years later the mortality awareness is still there. I think it’s just part of the deal.

  2. max

    Ah. No wonder that saying does not work for me. I was launched from the cradle via cannon fire.

  3. Ben

    Well my dear, when you are getting close to seventy, as I am, it’s the things you can no longer do and wish you had when you could. Those things do bother me some times.

  4. max

    Do not be silly you can still make that Olympic gymnastics team I am sure of it.

  5. I am quite the opposite but maybe I would feel better if I tried to look at it your way.

  6. max

    Wow I am surprised you totally left the cocoon and are regretting things you have not done?

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