i think i saw this guy on match dot com




where i nabbed that sassy bear guy :
i nabbed the bear guy at rain’s

0 Responses to i think i saw this guy on match dot com

  1. Putting on my best Craig Ferguson voice: Tell me, do you find this kind of thing… Sexy? LOL!

  2. Cheese and rice, Max! I thought I told you not to share my profile with people!

  3. max

    Oops. Sorry about that Tri.

  4. Admore

    Dude stole my moves.

  5. As long as the bear doesn’t or didn’t serve in the military, right?

  6. Julie

    This makes me want to revisit Hotel New Hampshire.

  7. He’s definitely creepier than the average bear.

  8. max

    Valliant you cannot fool me that was you right?

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