i should fear texas like i fear taurus




I just realized in a random conversation something I never snapped to before.

Texas is the only state in the U.S. I have returned to, to live in, besides California.


I have lived in a lot of states. I lost count of interstate moves around interstate move number seven — and I keep going home to California. Move out. Move back. Move out. Move back.


The ONLY other state I have ever returned to is Texas.


I should fear Texas like I fear the astrological sign Taurus. Huge life altering events have happened to me in Texas. Not all good.


Texas is a pattern I never saw before.

A blind spot.

I don’t have a lot of blind spots.

When they show up they are usually huge.



===>>>where the artwork comes from:
that is from the texas experiment: ethnography



2 Responses to i should fear texas like i fear taurus

  1. I hope Texas may represent a second home, as in, a place where there are friends who love you who are delighted you came.

  2. Max

    Aw, you. Thanks. Smooch!

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