i remember this moment




I had gone to —

A party.

A friend’s brother gave me a ride home.

I was fifteen.

He stopped the car a ways from where I lived and kissed me. This was awkward to me, this friend’s older brother trying to kiss me. Grope me.

I said, I have to go home.

He said, Everyone in this town knows your mother doesn’t give a damn about you nobody is waiting up to see when you get home.



where the art work comes from :
that is from christie white

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  1. Dan

    Does this story end with you kneeing this asshat in the groin?

  2. urgh… punch to the gut…

  3. Well now,that’s a random post.

  4. Ooof. Nice punch in the gut there. What a horrible thing to say.

    What made you think of this?

  5. max

    Oh it is one of those moments that really stand out in memory I do not know why I thought of it. That friend had a really nice brother too though so I thought of them as the nice brother and the dick brother after that.

  6. Ben

    Plenty of scary stuff up here back when you were fifteen.

  7. Kym

    His ego was just punctured because a pretty girl wasn’t impressed by him so he slung a little shit around. My guess is no one else had heard any such thing.

  8. I hope life taught him better manners.

  9. max

    I doubt it but there is always hope I guess. I could never figure out whether he was saying something awful to hurt my feelings for rejecting him or whether he thought I was going to turn around and say, Oh you are right no one is waiting on me take me now you hunk.

  10. Mara

    You at least slammed his fingers in the door right?

  11. max

    I didn’t. Pity, huh?

  12. I remember when you first told me that story. It still carries the same lingering impact.

  13. max

    Yeah I posted that right after that conversation lots of times that is where blog posts come from, I am talking to someone about something and then post whatever I am thinking about after.

  14. I apologize on behalf of my half of our species.

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