overhead shot of shredded papers in a bowl

I need a wood chipper

Why, you ask, would I need a wood chipper?

Shredding! Sweet Mother Mary! Shredding took forever. The little shredder can do 12 pages at a time, but I had 15 years to shred.

A friend asked why I had all those documents and it’s because I’m not just a person, I’m a business, so it’s not just Max documents, it’s Max work documents, and all the banking and receipts and tax documents and just boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and —

It took a really long time.

About three boxes in, it looked insurmountable. Like it would never be completed. Seriously like some cute little shredder that could do 12 pages at a time (without staples, with staples, you have to do fewer pages so you don’t kill the poor little shredder) I needed —

A. Wood. Chipper.

Pretty sure a wood chipper could have done a box at a time instead of 12 pages at a time.


It’s done. And I have my desk wall back and things are starting to look pretty good. And will continue to look pretty good until (uh ohs) the closet shelf project.


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