i love this bed




I love this bed. I look at its photo again and again. It would have looked hot in the loft.

With a few architectural adjustments it would look hot here.

I have this thing in the back of my mind whenever I look at it though.

Does the person with this bed have sex?

Those are really thin cables.



where i got that bed :
i found that at freshome

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  1. That is a beautiful bed. And I love that door to the left, too.

    Carl and I were shopping for a house years ago and there was a beautiful home we visited. The owners had not moved out yet. They had done an amazing job decorating, but when we got to the bedroom, I took one look at the bed and whispered to Carl that these people clearly did not have sex. When he asked how I knew that, I nodded upward–the bed was a very tall frame (as tall as the one in your photo), and they had placed pottery all along that top. That wasn’t a shelf, just the bed frame, maybe the width of a 2×4, and there was no way they did anything remotely interesting without those pots crashing down. I wasn’t surprised when the real estate agent said later that they were getting a divorce and were “motivated” to sell.

  2. of course, for years I have wondered whose idea it was to put the pots up there in the first place.

  3. max

    Wow. That is sure one way to make sure, if you are not having sex in your marriage bed, nobody else is either. What a terrible bedroom.

  4. It looks like it’s pretty comprehensively sprung; i reckon you’d be able to have some pretty hefty sex in that.

    It’s be like having sex on a trampoline, but it’d still be having sex.

  5. Could make for some interesting stories. Or injuries.

  6. Sarah

    I’d imagine you could get the momentum to work with you….

    Oh sex. I remember you fondly.

  7. Some love swing, no sudden movement, please…

    Reminds me of a documentary I did called THE BED THAT WOULDN’T SLEEP where I traced back an old bed of mine and spoke to the poeple about what had happened in it

  8. forkboy

    It’s not a bed, but a group sex swing.

  9. lol – group sex swing! I love it :-) Very very funky cool. Perfect in a loft!!

  10. Kym

    This bed confirms what I’ve always suspected–you moonlight as Mistress Max. This is not a snuggly, bed but a I-have-whip-and-handcuffs kind of bed. Very scary.

  11. max

    I am so not a dominatrix. My problem has never been about finding men I can tie. It has always been about finding men who can tie me. Very big difference.

  12. Sarah

    Max, then you would be a dominatrix. A submissive gets tied. A switch does both.

    I’m the same way. If I ever find a man who can dominate me, I will follow him to the ends of the earth. Unfortunately, I find all men have inner pansies and I somehow bring that out. Disappointing.

  13. This bed comes complete with air sickness bags.

  14. I would have assumed it comes with blow-up sex dolls, an assortment of dildos, silk pajamas and a year-long subscription to The Nation.

    Oh…..and some air sick bags. (good call dailytri)

  15. max

    Fork, go to your room. Come back when you are done naming sex toys. Jeez.

  16. I don’t name sex toys….that would be just plain ol’ weird.

  17. Kym

    Forkboy, you get a chuckle for that one;>

  18. If those cables don’t break they are not having good sex. JMHO

  19. max

    We should make Valliant test it. If it can hold Valliant it can hold anyone. [Wait, do we have to pay the medical bills if it fails though?]

  20. He’s Canadian. The government is paying his medical bills.

  21. max

    Oh he is the perfect test subject then. Yay!

  22. That begs another question – who gets the honors?

  23. max

    Well we could volunteer but I think he has a partner these days.

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