i killed the russian


visual polutionToday I was working on the forum.

There were a few things that needed to be done in there. For one thing a page was broken that let me change out the quote o’ the week so the quote o’ the week has been the quote o’ the month [for, um, five months] and also I have been getting killed by The Russian [which is really registration spambots but I call it The Russian] so have had registration OFF for too long for it to not be embarassing to say.

I say something about that in my Gotham class because class is ending and I have said people can visit in the forum only that registration is off because of The Russian and one of my smart students says, Hey why don’t you put in an antispambot program?

Which is so smart doy.

So I go find an antispambot hack and do that and it works yay! So the forum is now open for registration. [Wow how hostessey of me.] And —

As long as I am in there [urk] and messing with php [oh jeez double urk] it occurs to me I should go fix the page that cannot change quotes so I do that too.

This is all on the tail of fixing the dvd player [yay!] and getting a good dental report [yay!] and hanging the wallboard [yay!] so I am feeling massively frisky and accomplished now.


where the art work comes from :
that is visual polution #7 by filthyram

8 Responses to i killed the russian

  1. Wow, that is a great graphic for this post.
    I am so glad that Ruskie bot thing is gone for good. Congrats on finally getting him.

  2. max

    There are more complex hacks but this should work and is relatively simple. Cross fingers for me the forum does not explode now or something equally disastrous. I finally put Spanky’s post up too though it is outdated now and will probably change out pretty quick.

  3. It’ll make her day, Max. She was about in tears when she left for school because I won’t be here when she gets back.

  4. max

    Oh well that whole post of hers was totally brilliant and I was so cracking up over que the fangirls.

  5. californiablogging

    I am in awe, the hack, the fix and a DVD player. You are all powerful this week!

  6. max

    I am in awe it is working. Well I think it is working. No more spam registrations are coming through. I will know for sure if someone new registers and it works.

  7. What does Susan have to say about this…

  8. max

    Susan was so fired in June and life is going swimmingly without her.

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