i just really like this


This totally cracks me up — I think because Felix is so machiavelian.



5 Responses to i just really like this

  1. I love Felix.
    He should be on Meds..but what the hey.

  2. max

    It is funny and aberrant to me when he pushes the bear over the cliff and laughs.

  3. aj

    I miss old school cartoons. They all seem to be Japanese these days.

    I am not knocking those kinds of animations/cartoons, I just wish there were more variations. More simple cartoons. The smurfs, felix, road runner. Bring em back.

  4. The soundtrack is pretty nice.

    As for poor Felix, I can relate. Sometimes the things I create come back to bite the hell out of me, too.

  5. Did that bear really pick four flowers and make rollerskates out of them? I want a garden of those.

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