i have no halloween photos


This is pretty funny I went down to the Santa Monica street fair for Halloween dressed up as Sailor Moon and fifty people asked to take photos with me. [I should be Sailor Moon more often.] I asked a couple of them to email me copies. Don’t know if they will. But if you see Sailor Moon on the web somewhere in the next few days that is probably me.


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  1. i dressed up as a grouchy writer…Sailor Moon sounds like more fun…I’ll bet it involved sparkles.

  2. ps
    both my nieces are Sailor Moon fans in a BIG way. So I’m expecting some pictures from them soon.

  3. max

    Sailor Moon is a total rock star. Who knew? People kept asking to take photos with me and waving. It was really fun.

  4. You are dodging giving us photos again.

  5. max

    It is not my fault. It was dark and the camera phone has no flash.

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