i have decided to be asian


I have decided to be Asian.

There are good reasons for this.

I love white go go boots. All Asian girls look good in white go go boots.

I look like I am in costume when I wear white go go boots.

Asian girls can wear sweat shirts and hoodies and it looks like a fashion statement.

When I wear sweat shirts and hoodies, I look like an under dressed German tourist.

Asian girls can wear flat heeled sneakers and they look cute and adorable and like they have Cinderella feet.

When I wear flat heeled sneakers, I look short and like I have big feet.

I just don’t see anything going wrong with this plan. Also it is for fashion. You can’t argue with fashion, dammit!



2 Responses to i have decided to be asian

  1. Great idea! I would chose to be Asian also just so I wouldn’t look like a dweeb when I have a beanie on.
    Love beanies.

  2. Max

    It will be awesome! Also people will have to stop giving me the fish eye for being excited about anime. Yay!

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