i hate the russian


visual polutionI hate the Russian.

Every day I have to kill one to three new accounts he creates on the Seemaxrun forum.



Day after day.

Week after week.

Month after month.

It is bone numbing. Exhausting. It goes on and on. He never stops. He is like the Terminator bunny of Russian attack spammers.

I just do not think one individual could be this freaking stupid he would keep going after months and months of having every single new membership created in the forum eliminated. Right? I mean, no one is that stupid right? It has to be something else. Something insidious. Something on purpose. Like mind torture? On purpose personally directed mind torture?

It is George Bush. He is pissed off about those dog and cat sites and now some peon secret service guy has one job: Impersonate a Russian and torture me. Right?

[Hey, George? Torture me to high heaven, your machines are still rigged and everyone knows it you cheese head.]

Blasted cheese headed rusky impersonating machine rigging torturing cheaters….

Your Tortured by Fake Ruskies Adams Girl


where the art work comes from :
that is visual polution #7 by filthyram

6 Responses to i hate the russian

  1. The new Cold War, SMR vs Rovian Ruskies.

  2. Sophia

    Hasn’t he heard of the “don’t fuck with the screenwriter” motto? One more thing he should know is that, whoever messes with Max, messes with us. Tell me when and where, I’ll tell you how. I live closer.

  3. max

    It is good to have friends in Greece. Yay!

  4. max

    Oh I have gone all extreme now, I just shut down new registrations for the forum. I just cannot take one more “new user” notification that requires me to go open a control panel and delete one more rusky spammer. Not. Another. One.

    This should be interesting.

  5. this is one of my favorites…maybe its misery loves company. maybe its the incredibly stable seeming max girl having a conspiracy theory moment.

    good luck

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