i had to steal


The dancing raccoon.

Who could not steal a dancing raccoon?


where i stole that dancing racoon :
i nabbed the raccoon at anita marie’s

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  1. I’m envious. I’ve never been able to post these moving things on my blog.

    I’ve been trying to steal Anita’s laughing skeleton for ages. Can’t get it to work.

  2. max

    Well not to be telling you how to steal Anita Marie’s stuff [cover your eyes Anita Marie] but most of Anita’s moving graphics are gifs and you post those just like you would post a normal gif. They are just gifs with frames, that is why they move, but you do not need to worry about that you just treat them like a normal jpeg or gif file and upload them as an image.

    Flash is another story, WordPress hates flash.

  3. max

    [ps : why is time all off again did we do another daylight savings thing again?]

  4. Dan

    That is hy-larious!

    Thank god raccoons have little human hands or else he’d never be able to hold that cane.

  5. Some people I know won’t look at some of these on my blog because they think a big scary monster is going to pop out and scream at them.

    Jeeze, give me some credit…that would be way to obvious.

    Plus, I love racoons, they’re almost as neat as Penguins…you know the flying ones.

  6. Kym

    Oh how cute!

    The only raccoons I usually see on the roads are flatter. . . a lot flatter.

  7. max

    That better not be in your rearview mirror speed demon.

  8. Two words.



  9. Raccoons worry me. You’ve got to keep your eye on them or they’ll run off with your stereo and your boyfriend. Look at their little prehensile feets and their beady little eyes and try to tell me that’s a trustworthy critter.

  10. max

    Oh sheesh how can you be suspicious of a woodland creature wearing a mask?

  11. Adorable! Wait until I show Keywork – he claims he’s a raccoon!

    Now how to steal this without Max looking…HEY MAX, LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT, VALLIANT’S WALKING BY!

  12. max

    Oh Valliant has been neglecting us. We need a new man toy.

  13. What about Andy Fox?

    He’d make a nifty chew toy.

  14. max

    No way. Too abrasive. Valliant does abrasive but when he does it is loaded with smarts and charm so he gets away with it. Andy, you just want to wash his mouth out with soap when he does it.

  15. max

    [By the way I have this really evil impulse to post a photo of a road that says something like, Lookit the cute dancing cat — and then has no dancing cat. And see how long people will wait to see if a dancing cat will appear.]

  16. Please do it. Oh, please!

  17. max

    You know when I do that [notice I do not say if] I am totally going to blame you right?

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  19. Hi, Max…LOVE the dancing cat, but I have NO patience, so I didn’t sit long waiting for it (maybe 10 seconds)…and I just had to stop by and say YOUR WEBSITE ROCKS (and is too funny)…

    Lynne Logan
    (Masterclass at Gotham)
    And, NOOOOO, I’m not brown-nosing to those not familiar with GWW…cuz there’s no grade for all our sweat and tears…

  20. max

    Hey, Lynne. Funny seeing you outside the class. Welcome to here.

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