i had to steal the squirrel



I stole that squirrel from Stiletto.

I am not sure why I find small debauched mammals so funny.


*ps : stil, why is your blog missing?


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  1. There never was a Stiletto. You dreamed her up.

    Isn’t she moving too?

  2. max

    She is thinking about relocating. Of course that is just in my head since I made her up wow I wonder what the waiters thought when I scarfed down dinner and drinks for two.

  3. What? We are talking about a creative screenwriter here. They had no idea of what was going on…
    Maybe something like this:

    Max:I have to go use the phone.
    Max returns as Stil (wearing a brown wig).
    “Stil”: Have you seen my friend?
    Waiter: She went use the phone.
    “Stil”: I’ll go get her.

    I’m sure the waiter just wondering whether he should ask out the blonde or the brunette.

  4. max

    Stil would be total work. She has a little girl Marilyn voice. I have a bedroom Bacall voice. I can do Marilyn. But. Going back and forth would really only work before the second flask of saki, after that it would be fool’s paradise knowing who the hell I was now.

  5. Did you see her post on how Al Copeland (of Copeland’s and Popeye’s Chicken) attempted to feel her up in Vegas? She was royally miffed and blogged about it. I wonder if her legal counsel advised her to go quiet. Da, da, da dummmm (humming Perry Mason tune).

  6. max

    I did see that. We are boycotting Pop Eye’s Chicken now.

  7. Al Copeland is a total jack ass. I am much less offended (and for some odd reason – flattered) at the four men trying to solicit me in the casino than I am at him; perhaps because you’d expect that someone in his position comes with class and manners, too. It’s not just the tomfoolery, it’s the arrogance and disrespect and nothing irks me more than stupid rich guys who think they are above the social rules of engagement.

    Tri, my inner voice told me to revise that post and be more discreet so I’m working on it, just haven’t had time.

    By the way, Max should be writing a diet book called Svelte Untouched: Eating For Two and Lovin’ Every Minute of It!

  8. Popeye’s will eat away at the lining of your stomach. Support the Colonel!

  9. PS Did you eat the leftovers in the fridge, Max?

  10. max

    Yes I did and they were delicious.

  11. Glad I didn’t mark my territory by spitting in it!

  12. P.S. I’ll have you know, I ate about two pounds of meat tonight. So :(-

  13. max

    I ate pizza and vegged out with Heroes disks. It was great. A day with no emergency deadlines looming. Yay!

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  15. You definitely deserve to be rewarded. I’ll dig up more debauched animal pics!

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