i had no idea i was this fashionable


Your celebrity style twin is —

Gwen Stefani

Trendsetting, unique, and stylish.

[That is all it said too it is not a very talkative quiz but hey it works for me.]

[Also it is clear to me looking at that image I totally need fancier camisoles if I want to keep up oh the chagrin.]


:::who’s your celebrity style twin:::


0 Responses to i had no idea i was this fashionable

  1. Jessica Simpson OH NO!

  2. max

    That is not Jessica Simpson. That is Gwen Stefani. Sheesh.

  3. [um – I got Jessica]

  4. Naw, don’t go that way. She looks like a whore in a Napoleonic regimental baggage train (and that will look right in a script . . .) . . . .

  5. Your Celebrity Style Twin is Mischa Barton

    Funky, bohemian, and girly.

    I thought I was a fashion ‘tard.


  6. aj

    I too am Gwen Stefani

  7. I didn’t take the quiz yet, but I adore Stefani’s style.

  8. I, too, am Gwen Stefani. Bizarre. My actual style is a lot more Sandra Bullock, with pirate accessories.

  9. max

    Michele, LOL — want to know where to get the boots?

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