i find this really disturbing


silent room version 2 by chaovskyI watched —

This episode of Private Practice. It is Shonda Rhimes’ new show and I have only seen it a couple times. This particular episode, this woman goes to the doctors with some injuries from a fall she took when a man broke into her house. It turns out it was not just a break in though she was attacked and raped by the man who broke in she is just not telling anyone because she thinks her husband will freak. And she wants to take a memory erase drug.

Here is where it gets disturbing. The truth comes out and the husband is all broken up and the docs are saying it is not your fault to him, and say to her, Hey you do not need to forget you survived you are strong enough you were just afraid the hubby there would not be and then they tell him —

Let your wife take care of you.

Excuse me? Let your wife take care of you? Isn’t this like telling a cancer patient to be the rock for relatives freaking out and making it about them when they should stop that right now and be there for the person who has cancer?

Now the husband who has not been attacked or physically injured is supposed to let his wife, who has, take care of him?

That is just wrong.


where the art work comes from :
that is silent room version 2 by chaovsky

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  1. Wow. That is disturbing.

    Also, the memory erase drug is Propanolol and it doen’t actually erase anything, it just makes the patient feel less discomfort when recalling the event.

  2. californiablogging

    You don’t hear a lot of, “man up for your wife!” When I see strong sexy feminine women getting respect from the men in their world, I am truly in Awe of them. In the media or real life.

  3. Let me guess – the docs were men?

  4. Sheesh! I can’t imagine this playing out and the guy saying to the doc, “Yeah, you’re right.” And then saying to his wife, “Can you just hold me?!”

    If any guy is truly that obtuse about himself, then please take the keys to the gun safe and have a field day.

  5. max

    The docs were women. Allegedly strong feminst women. [Gah!] And how it played out was the wife said, You’re right, I am strong! And immediately started comforting her husband.

    [everyone who worked on that episode should be spanked and then required to spend thirty hours answering phones on a rape crisis hotline]

  6. Maybe due to the writers strike, they went down to the local bar and had a bunch of drunken salesmen write the episode?

  7. max

    We will pretend. It is the kinder thing to do.

  8. max, you are kinder than I felt after watching that ep.

  9. Kym

    Or, we could just recognize that the writers were reflecting an unpleasant reality about our culture–Women are supposed to be the strong center to their families even when they are breaking apart inside.

    (I didn’t see the show. I’m just reflecting on the culture I live in.)

  10. max

    Toni, you saw that too? It is not just me, that really was as appalling as I thought it was, right?

  11. Oh, you are completely right. I couldn’t believe it, honestly, and rewound just to make sure I’d heard them correctly. It boggled my mind. (Um, I just deleted a really long rant about it.)

  12. max

    I can’t quite get that ending out of my head with all these allegedly intelligent strong women smiling all happy and glowey and “empowered” like they just did something grand and illuminating. It makes my skin kind of crawl.

    Also, why was it perfectly okay for her to take the anti-memory drug if a stranger broke into the house, but not if a stranger broke into the house and beat and raped her? Does rape “empower” women all of a sudden? WTF?

  13. Betsy

    Ick. Just ick.

  14. Excellent observation, Kym.

    And x2 what Betsy said. Just ick.

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