i dream electric


astral dream

I did not sleep last night.

I needed those hours.

For other things.

I will sleep tonight.

And dream.








16 Responses to i dream electric

  1. Helllppp meeee….I’ve been writing for hours and I’m out of PEZ and my eyes won’t focus.

    I wonder if the Pizza guy will bring Pez if I tip extra?


  2. Jesus Christ, Max, what’s flying through the window? An incubus?

  3. max

    Jeez, Anita, I was hoping to dream of a man and now I am going to dream about Pez.

    I hope you are proud of yourself Miss.

    Stil, wow, I hope not that nefarious.

  4. Here’s to hoping … sorry, it just seemed like the right response.

  5. A man covered with Pez…wow, there’s a thought!

    And am I proud of myself Ms Max? Yeah…you know I think I am…I get sort of weird when I have a million Pez dispensers and THEY’RE ALL EMPTY DARN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. max

    I have this image of you ripping through drawers for Pez dispensers, throwing them over your shoulder with a curse as each comes up empty.

  7. The little one from Seinfeld, applauding?

    An incubus with a Pez… now THAT is a dream I can relate to.

  8. Max- it’s more then an image and an Incubus with Pez????Ha, he doesn’t stand a chance.

    Those Pez are marked.


  9. max

    All right you infidels everyone talking about pez covered incubuses is on ignore while I purge my mind of that really unfortuante image and attempt to replace that with an image of a man I would like to commit ramdom acts of furniture destruction with dream about going to Sunday school with.

  10. I think half of Anita’s Pezs are laced with acid.

  11. I slept in the day ( nanny time) and the dreams are just not as much fun. Well, You have a nice time at Sunday school…. : )

  12. Sunday School?
    Do they still do that?
    Well….that’s news to me ;-)

  13. max

    Bu the way, Stil, I made that image bigger just so you can see it without your glasses.


  14. OH thank you!

    But it’s still a creepy image, no?

  15. Oh my god, I see exposed navel…she’s naked,isn’t she?!!! Why is she in the nude AND pinned back?

    Something weird going on here!

  16. max

    I thought it was erotic.

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