i could do that


Prefab cabins are looking cooler and cooler. Look at that, how cool is it?

For what I am paying in rent in Austin? I could pay for one of those in a year — and the land I put it on.

very cool prefab cabin


3 Responses to i could do that

  1. That is really well designed. Space for a w/d, nice spacious bathroom, closet at the entrance and in the bedroom. Small closets, but you could also do storage under the bed for off-season stuff if you needed it.

  2. I love this idea. It’s a beautiful design — man-o-man, I would have to DUMP clutter. (But what a goal!)

  3. Max

    Yes it is really well laid out, and also it’s very elegant. They have three models, so there is the really little model, and there are two larger models. And they are all pretty affordable. Maybe this should be my new goal. My only problem would be, um, no delivery service in the woods. Hmm.

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