i canz has kleenex?


Meet Diesel. Diesel was roaming Wilshire Blvd when a crazed pedestrian snatched him out of the way of exciting Wilshire traffic and handed him off to my friend Robin who took him to a vet where he weighed in at 1.1 pounds. [Wow, that is heart, taking on Wilshire traffic when you weigh 1.1 pounds.] He is very little. He gets food on his nose. He is coming home to stay with me for a bit.

Diesel needs a home.

Maybe with you.

Email me.





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  1. Awww, look at that cute little liver nose.
    That is one determined looking kitten.

  2. Max, you need a kitty to keep. Look at how sweet she is!

  3. max

    There is sad news. Diesel did not make it through the night. He will not be coming home with me after all.

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