i am thinking


alphabet tilesI have things —

On my mind tonight.

Sometimes when I get thoughtful I do not feel like talking much.

Maybe tomorrow.


where the art work comes from :
that is stacks by corinna hughs

13 Responses to i am thinking

  1. conundrum

    I call that my hermit phase.

  2. Some of us have been called “hermits” before. TJ?

  3. max

    Really. When is the last time TJ posted anything?

  4. Is that what that burning smells is?

  5. max

    How many years would I get for bludgeoning a smart ass librarian? Would any court really convict?

  6. that’s alright, i’m feeling pretty fucking chatty today. anything you’d like me to rant about as your proxy?

  7. max

    Oh cool. Now if I can just think of a topic to rant about. Hmm.

  8. How’s about people who Jaywalk?
    Today they really ticked me off.
    Why have rules if only SOME of us follow them?

  9. max

    You live in Seattle where pedestrians are aberrant and violently aggressive. They are not like that in other places, in other places, pedestrians respect cars and jaywalking rules are stupid. In Seattle? There should be more than jaywalking laws, there should be people with cattle prods at every intersection controlling the pedestrians.

    :::seattle pedestrians:::

  10. I almost hit three people with my car last week. I think Seattle and I will not get along.

  11. Those damn militant pedestrians! In Belgium you can sue those people for making a mess of your front end!

    That’s what I hear anyway.

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