i am so moving to australia


I have got to move to Australia. Look at this guy. That is Craig Horner and he is in a new show I have been watching Legend of the Seeker which is a very fun show you should check it out but more importantly check out the guy. Check out the guy’s abs. Holy cats!




You know the hottest actor guys totally come out of Australia I am packing my bags I hope AJ’s couch is made up this is totally worth braving killer roos and jelly fish and sharks and salt water crocs and — okay maybe if I stay away from the water it will be okay.


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  1. just watch out for the sun. it has got some killer uv action there. i’m talking turns your skin to cracklin’ if you don’t wear sun block.

  2. I read the post kind of hectic, so I thought you wrote Legend of the Sneaker.

    I couldn’t figure out how the hell the sneakers fit into the plot of the show. He was all naked in desperate search of the holy sneakers? or was he attacked by a gigantic killer sneaker? that would at least explain the axe.

  3. max

    Um. All naked in search of the holy sneaker would still work for me.

  4. Ok, I’m writing the script!

  5. max

    And I will go see it if you attach Craig Horner as the lead.

  6. My my my. I have a friend who lives in Tasmania – we could crash with her….mmmmm

  7. Sure, maybe he’s a babe, but he builds cow bridges for a living…

  8. And I’ll see it of Nicole K signs up for the female lead

  9. Holy sneakers? St. Nike?

    I’m sorry…I’m having a difficult time getting excited about this guys abs, but please don’t let my lack of enthusiasm dampen your desires!

  10. max

    Oddly, Fork, your lack or interest only makes me hotter for him.

  11. I’m here to help….

  12. You like guys that look as if they should all be on the cover of Teen Beat. I like the men who look like their grandfathers.

    We should get along just fine.

  13. max

    I dunno, we are both kinda crushy on Valliant and he does not fit either category.

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