i am sad tonight



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  1. Hope it passes soon : (

  2. Not hormones is it? I had that sadness yesterday. It sucked.

  3. I’ll light a candle as you go through your dark night, Max. I hate it when people who are bright spots endure sadness. Then again, maybe you need to feel sad tonight. After all, you just made a simple statement: “I am sad tonight.” However it was meant and however it’s interpreted, you’re in my thoughts — as I’m sure you’re in the thoughts of all those who share your words. (Christ, need morning coffee — now I’m sad.)

  4. You cannot say that without revealing why, Max!

    Ok sorry for being insensitive. Sorry {{{hugs}}}

    Just remember – pain is good. Only the dead don’t feel pain!

    I feel sad too.

  5. I mean now, I feel sad now (because you are sad).

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  7. Sadness is a necessary thing. It’s not better or worse than happiness, but we tend to see it that way. Generally, I’ve learned more from sadness than from happiness. That brings me to one of my favorite quotes:

    “But Brain, if they called them ‘sad meals’ nobody would buy them.”

  8. Just get some good ass kicking revenge!

  9. max

    Jennifer, you crack me up. You are such a fight back girl.

    Sometimes there is nothing to fight.

    Thanks for hugs and thoughts. Hey, no one else get sad. Jeez, someone around here has to be not sad.

  10. Uhm… I must have missed the “get sad too” memo. ;)

  11. max

    There is no “get sad too” memo. I can make sure you get cc’d on the “do not be a jerk” memo though.

  12. Max, if it makes you feel any better on the day you posted this I did a lot of writing and when I needed a boost I just surfed through you blog.

    Wished I could’ve done the same for you, it sounds like you needed it.

    Your Pez Lovin’ Pal

  13. max

    Aw, Anita, thanks. Smooch!

  14. Well, you complained about too many people getting sad, which wasn’t my reaction at all. Mine was to point out that sadness is a good and necessary part of life. The “everyone should be happy all the time” mindset is so prevalent these days, and it’s amazingly unhealthy.

    If you’re sad, that’s OK. Be sad. It’s a natural part of life. If you’re feeling better, I’m glad. Usually, there’s growth on the far side of sadness.

  15. max

    I said something re Stilletto’s comment that had nothing to do with you and was not a complaint.

    Bless your little heart, Firm, you are so on the road to being a complete and total asshole here.

  16. Oh no! Was I the jerk?

  17. max

    You were totally sweet and said knowing I was sad was making you sad.

  18. aj

    It was the apple pie and ice cream taunt that sent you over the edge wasn’t it?

  19. “Bless your little heart, Firm, you are so on the road to being a complete and total asshole here.”

    Good. I was afraid I was losing my touch. :)

  20. max

    Firm. You are a kind boy, probably from a whitebread world, who thinks he is kind of out there because, well, he is a little different. From Costa Mesa or something.

    In my world? You are not different. That bullshit philosophy does not fly in my world. I know too many dead people. Not natural dead. Slice my wrists open dead.

    And you know what every one of them had in common when they chiseled holes into their bodies that could not be repaired until they were dead?

    They were sad.

    But hey. It is a great emotion. Just like happy. Who would know the difference? Right?

  21. I even felt sad when I was driving around yesterday. I said to myself, Is Max feeling better yet?

    My God! I think about blogger friends more than I do my real life ones!

    Apple pie and ice cream? Double damn you AJ!

  22. Oh Max, don’t be too hard on Firm.

    Now I’m sad for him. I’ll be thinking of him when I’m in my car today.

  23. That and apple pie and ice cream.

  24. Max, I think it’s great that you can take a comment or two and presume that you know what I’ve seen, the pain that I’ve encountered, and so on. I guess since I’m a hick from KY (we’re a dime a dozen… not different at all), I just don’t know crap about life (or death)… right? I’ve never held the hand of loved ones as they’ve died, I’ve not had to be the first one to tell my Father about my Mother’s death, I’ve never sat listening to the “death rattle” of someone who’s fought cancer for years and years.

    Likewise, I’ve never had close friends commit suicide. There wasn’t a friend I talked to every week, who suddenly decided to eat a .38 slug for his 18th birthday. I didn’t stop one of my best friends from killing herself. I didn’t have another friend who fought bouts of clinical depression that was a result of having been sexually abused as a child by three different men, one her natural father, and the other two from foster homes. And I certainly don’t have current friend with horribly scarred forearms because she’s a cutter (not suicidal, but regularly in clinical depression), and…

    Maybe someday I’ll have some “real life” experiences so I can look down on the emotional maturity of others like you can. Until then, I’ll have to live with my “bullshit philosophy that doesn’t fly in your world.”

    Stiletto, now I’m sad that I don’t have any apple pie or ice cream.

  25. Do you know what makes sadness bad?

    It can lead straight into despair.

    I’ve been there and if it weren’t for a few well placed friends and loved ones I don’t think I’d have made it back.

    That’s all I want to say.

  26. Max I posted a funny video for you. Go check it out!

  27. It’s ok about the apple pie and ice cream. All will be right in Stiletto’s world when you two kiss and make up.

  28. max

    Oh cool. Fun video time. Yay!

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