howl's moving castle

This is the coolest Howl’s Moving Castle YouTube.



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  1. this was a great movie…the classical music was top notch, but this one is cool too.

  2. I love that movie, it’s just beautiful.

  3. max

    I do too. It is one of those special movies I can watch again and again.

  4. Oh and I have been meaning to tell you we finally found (and bought) “Our Neighbor Mr. Torturo” in a used media store in (get this) Paris.
    We never could find it here in stores and we were surprised when we saw it there. That one was great too.

  5. Oops, I meant “My neighbor Totoro.”

  6. max

    Totoro rocks. I so love the cat bus. So does Porco Rosso if you can find that.

  7. californiablogging

    Zach likes Porco Rosso better …..basically, it’s airplane vs. bus. OK anything that flies we even like Kiki’s delivery service. Spirted Away made him scared of shadows which gives me endless fun in the evenings. LOL

  8. max

    Well also there are pirates in Porco Rosso. You really cannot argue with flying and pirates.

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