how tasks escalate


unmade bed lilo raymondIt starts innocently —

UPS has a package for you. You ring him up and wow it is a big box cool! And you open it. Yay! The new pillows have arrived. Excellent, yes? But —

To put new pillows on the bed, clearly you are going to have to take all the bedding off and put on new sheets and pillowcases. Also the old pillow protectors need to be washed because you can’t just take those off the old pillows and put them on new pillows. Okay, so laundry. But —

You have no quarters. So you will have to go to the store that has rolls of quarters they will give up and do not think every store will do that either. But —

If you are going to the store, you should pick up some supplies you have been out of and were too lazy to go to the store to get except now if you are already going to the store —

Maybe you could skip on the laundry, or just do one load of laundry for the pillow protectors, except you check the clean sheets in the cupboard and they have been sitting too long they do not smell laundry fresh oh nos they have to be washed too!

Also, you know, if you DO have quarters AND are washing bedding you should maybe do socks and underoos too since if you do not do those soon you will be going commando any day and if you are going to wash those —

AND, as long as you are pulling the bed apart anyway probably you should flip the feather topper because it is about that time too —

Also it is just dumb to do that three stair cases trip up and down to the laundry room empty handed when there is trash and recycling that needs to go that way too probably you should take that out too —

Oh and also some of the laundry is delicates you can wash those on the delicate cycle but that will have to be sorted and hung to dry —



One trip to the store for supplies and also quarters and after stripping the bed and also flipping the feather topper and also checking the “clean” sheets and also after sorting laundry and also after doing LOADS AND LOADS of laundry and also sorting recycling and taking trash and recycling out too AND hauling clean laundry back up AND hand hanging all the delicates AND making up the bed and did I mention all the other laundry has to be folded too —

I have new pillows on the bed.

And a whole bunch of feathers on the carpet. [Wow the old pillows fought back.] That means —

Oh nos!


where the art work comes from :
that is unmade bed by lilo raymond
and that is the best link i can find for him

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  1. But wait…Oh Yess there’s the getting into bed with the clean clean sheets. Ah…

  2. max

    Okay the clean sheets were pretty awesome.

  3. I didn’t realize you actually sleep.

  4. UPS man equals house work. LOL.

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