date day : part i


I got a call —

From a friend saying a friend of hers asked for my number and she told him she would give me his number instead. And then she gave me his number.

[This was all colored by the fact he wanted the number of the “beautiful blonde” so I could pretty well see where that was headed.]

[Also my primary memory of the guy was an image of him in ill fitting jeans rolling around on his back on a gallery floor playing a guitar which sort of does not engender confidence.]

[I just did not call.]

[And you guys thought I was completely all swayed by compliments right?]

Then I got a call from her again. He had called asking why I had not called. And I got the talk about how long they had been friends. So —

For a couple weeks now I have been playing phone tag with someone I am only calling because this person knows a friend so I am honor bound to be polite.

[Polite outside L.A. strictures too. In L.A. you do not have to call. Apparently though we were playing by “other places” rules which allow strong arming a return phone call.]

And then being polite turned into a date.


to be continued….


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where the art work comes from :
that is from la warqueza

0 Responses to date day : part i

  1. … You’ve got my attention.

  2. Oooo the plot thickens.

  3. Nice! On pins and needles for the next installment.

  4. max

    Oops. This is not the date you are thinking of Kitty and Michele.

  5. Funny how the “Oh God do I have to dates,” turn into things of interest. Good luck.

  6. Kym

    You should have written for those cliffhanger movies in the thirties and forties. You are good girl. I guess I’ll be turning in at noon tomorrow.

  7. max

    Oh I am back to posting at midnight the noon thing was just an experiment.

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