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So this discussion is heating up over on FB about the Rapunzel hair and female law enforcement characters on TV thing and some people are saying, Oh well long hair is more attractive to men and whatnot.

I don’t think that is  true but I could be deranged.

[It has been suggested from time to time I am deranged.  Shut up.]

I think most men don’t care half as much about women’s hair as women care about women’s hair though.

I also think plenty of women are hot and sexy with short hair  — and that’s not even taking into account you can go into combat WITH LONG HAIR, if, you know, you just do something to stash it out of the way so it’s not a combat hazard to you and others when you pull a gun out.

Let’s take a look at hot women with short hair just to be sure:






I’m female and don’t even do girls and I know they are totally hot you fools.

Maybe the whole Rapunzel cop chicks thing is Charlie’s Angel Syndrome.


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  2. In the 1920’s, American women liberated themselves by cutting off their hair. They were called, “flappers”. They stopped wearing restrictive, often painful undergarments like corsets. Thanks to Coco Chanel they could now wear loose-fitting garments made of jersey. They smoked cigarettes and got tattoos. They won the vote. Flappers were scandalous. They were outlaws, radicals. Don’t believe me, check out BERNICE BOBS HER HAIR by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  3. jamespatrickjoyce

    Short, long, punk, dreads, runway, black, blond, pink… what the hell, it’s hair. The women are what’s hot, not the hairstyle.

    And yes, I agree that women worry more about their hair then men do. Bed head can be very sexy.

    You gonna tell me Demi Moore wasn’t sexy, in GI Jane? Yeah. Right.

  4. Max

    Bernice Bobs Her Hair, by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

  5. Short hair accentuates a beautiful face. Long hair can help to make a so-so face look beautiful. Please, no daggers my way — but I’ve tried both — and I look better with longer hair than shorter. This applies to men, too. Some men look a LOT better, more interesting, with long hair.

  6. Max

    These are lead actresses in hit TV shows and films. Not one of them has a “so-so face.”

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