hot battlestar galactica girls yay!


To entertain the troops —

[and also me, okay, mostly me] I post polls over on the forum and every once in a while I do a hot girls poll so the guys do not riot in retalliation for all the hot guy polls [poor neglected guys] and the new poll is —

Hot Battlestar Galactica Girls!

Yay! Yay! Yay!


What are you still doing here?

Go vote.


that is grace park who plays
boomer and athena and has a very racy and sort of notorious
photo spread on maxim online


0 Responses to hot battlestar galactica girls yay!

  1. I am all about blonde tomboy spacegirl.

  2. Dan

    Yeah…you don’t want us to riot. We’ll get all rowdy, then have a few beers and pass out.

    I was torn. You know how I feel about hard-drinking, hard-fighting sassy blondes, but Cally’s just too adorable. Greasemonkeys are hot, dammit!

  3. That Maxim pictorial was pretty good work by all concerned. She’s a fine piece of machinery, and you can’t even see the pop rivets.

  4. max

    Cally got robbed, first she was hero worship greasemonkey girl, then she got beat up, then she got married — every girl who gets married in Battlestar is the girl a guy thinks he should marry not the girl he actually wants — and then when she finally got pretty she got airlocked.

  5. Dan

    Call me crazy, but I thought Cally was pretty even when she was greasemonkey girl. And beating her up only made her angry. Plus, she popped a cap in Sharon and that was pretty cool.

  6. max

    You know what is sad. Sam is a girl in the Battlestar marriage scenario.

    So all this time you have been saying you lust vixen blondes and the whole time really you crush on the brunette next door? That is just wily.

  7. Dan

    I’ve felt bad for poor Sam for quite some time now.

    I can lust vixen blondes and crush on brunette girls next door. They are both awesome in their own ways. Now, a vixen blonde who decides to become a brunette…

  8. I never got into the show but I voted for some manipulative woman who used to be on Xena. Hope she’s worthy!

  9. Drew

    Oh, it’s ALL about Boomer people.

    Great pic of Grace there, Max!

  10. No offense to you Boomer lovers but take any skinny average faced Korean girl off the street, slap on some makeup, and you have Grace Park.

  11. max

    Boomer is winning right now in the poll.

  12. Oh, it’s just me engaging in Asian rivalry.

    She is a cute girl.

  13. max

    Careful how you wave the Asian girl rivalry around I am not sure Drew Mic’s heart can withstand the image of two Asian girls rolling around in battle.

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