holy kama sutra!

Whoa. News flash.

I do not have to pierce my navel.


Wow, who knew?

Gotta run. I have Italian for Idiots cd’s to pick up….

where i got this : “watch out i’m on the prowl” by a funny guy named tommy be sure and read “a wink and a slap” too

12 Responses to holy kama sutra!

  1. First of all, thanks for the link. I do appreciate it.

    Now, that picture is a bit concerning to me. Generally speaking, anything that is stiff, erect and wooden isn’t used to represent a woman. I wonder why they chose that picture for the “Tantric Master”? Hum.

    Oh, and I subscribed to your blog. Nice job with it.

  2. max

    Thanks Tommy. Your stories crack me up. Also I think Vanessa has a hot crush on you.

  3. ‘you have no end of lovers banging on your door’

    Made me spit tea out of my nose, thankfully it was quite cool, which ‘door’ are they referring to here? Just asking.

  4. Oh Crap! I have no chance of wooing Micro away!

  5. max

    Jeez, Uncensored, you are a wicked girl.

  6. I took the test. I am a “Visionary.”

    Tried to post it here – did not work.

    “You have that magical instability that renders potential mates helpless – or terrified. Yummy.”

  7. I am some kind of Monk…… I gave you props and linked to you on my blog. Get some road signs for all the traffic…. : )

  8. Hmmm. No tats on the wooden handstand thingy.

    Guess you don’t need one.

  9. aj

    I got the same result. “The Tantric Master” This whole standing on your head thing can get tiring.

  10. Z

    I didn’t think you were looking for lovers to bang on your door. I thought you were looking for lovers to bang on your wall.

  11. max

    Oh, door sex, wall sex, it is all standing up.

    [I am so calling the bad pun police.]

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