holy cats


waking iii by mansel daviesI just slept for —

Twelve. Hours.

I was sorting and moving things around till 5 a.m. and then I went to sleep and I did not wake up again until almost 5 p.m.

I do not remember the last time that happened.

I sure feel rested though. For the first time in as long as I can remember I feel like I really slept.

[Doy Max, you did really sleep — for twelve freaking hours.]


where the art work comes from :
that is waking up 3 by mansel davies

[you will not find the waking photos on his
commercial site though you will find them

14 Responses to holy cats

  1. Twelve hours without waking up once?
    I haven’t done that since I’m a teenager. These day if I do get twelve hours, but that’s waking up about five times. Then I get a headache if it’s more than eight.
    That’s great, you needed that rest with all that’s happening right now.

  2. max

    I woke up once, I remember thinking the bed is off, and that it was weird because the bed goes for ten hours and maybe something was wrong for it to be off, then I went out again.

    [Um, that means the heated mattress pad turned off not magic fingers you pervos, jeez.]

  3. californiablogging

    No hacking neighbor or domestic violence to wake you up. Yay!

  4. sulya

    Just catching up in blog land and I come across this – you – unconscious for half a freakin’ day because you finally moved and its quiet and YEY ! YEY! YEY! WOO HOO!!!! YEY!!! May there be more sleeps like this should you need them! Whenever you need them!

  5. max

    It is astonishing. I may actually need to use an alarm here.

  6. And just think, Max – you’ve released a lot of human growth hormone during all that recuperative rest. It keeps you young and strong. Congrats!

  7. max

    Well I am not body building I am not sure I need that much human growth hormone but I guess the bod thought different.

  8. Oh, we all need it, or else we become wizened up and moldy!

  9. max

    Wizened up and moldy?

    Jeez, I need more sleep.

  10. You are midnight girl. You are exempt.

  11. max

    Yay! I knew those quizzes would come in handy.

  12. what is this ‘sleep’ you speak of?

  13. max

    Rumor has it “sleep” was invented by Catholics to cut down on sex but it is also handy for rejuvenating quantities of growth hormone that apparently keep you from wrinkling up.

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