boots iiiHolidays approach.

I know this because Kym is telling tree stories.

I am not sure I am ready for this whole holiday thing. [Okay I am never ready for this whole holiday thing.] This is when people start running amock purchasing large hunks of cheese to stick under trees — okay not really only I do that that is all that is left when I go Christmas shopping wow I hope you all like cheese — and also blog posting with holidailies which posts little pages about what you might want to blog about if in actuality you have nothing to blog about. Which seems odd. If you need a crib sheet to blog, um, maybe you should not be blogging?

[Okay now I will be crucified. Wait. Jesus was crucified. That is totally Christmasey. Yay!]

Usually to me December is a good excuse to eat many mashed potatoes and over indulge in eggnog but I fear eggnog since last year I spent a month sick after drinking too much eggnog.


And also. New. Year’s. Eve.

Uh oh.

No. New. Year’s. Eve. Date.

[Sophia is so going to mock me.]


where the art work comes from :
that is mosaic legs by mrs. vedder
[personally i like to call it hey santa spank this]

13 Responses to hmm

  1. I blogged all 31 days of Holidailies last year and never used a single crib sheet or writing prompt.
    Neither did any of the other blogs I read on Holidailies.

  2. Kym

    I think I see Kitty with a cross and some nails…You better make nice because she judges cookie contests and she might let you eat some if you are nice.

    I always butter up people with cookies.

  3. max

    Well doy Kitty. As if you would hang with crib sheet bloggers. [eyeroll]

    Kym cookies have never been my weakness.

  4. The whole Xmas thing gives me a right royal pain in the ass. I do love roasted parsnips though. Are there groups who can help me?

  5. People in my neighborhood started Christmas decorations this year right after Halloween. What the hell is up with that?

    Careful of the eggnog this year Max.

  6. Well Max…if you’re still looking for a date on New Year’s, I’ll check my calendar. As for eggnog, I’ve never liked it. Even the name of it sounds a bit disgusting.

  7. sulya

    Martyne – I’m so with you. And English parsnips give all other parsnips a good name so I’m with you on that too (You are in England yes? Lest I eat feet instead of parsnips???)

    Daily – you might like the name of eggnog better in French “Lait De Poule”. Yes, folks. That would translate directly as “Milk of Chicken”. Every time I see it on the shelves of my nominally bilingual country’s grocery stores this time of year I laugh and I laugh and I laugh.

    max – as far as I’m concerned, cheese (especially really GOOD cheese) is always a fine gift. I will supply wine and olives if you show up bearing really good cheese…

  8. max

    I thought parsnips were just some weird made up thing. Those actually exist?

  9. max

    Oh. My. God. What are those things? Mutated albino turnips?

    I have to lie down now.

  10. What I like about the writing prompts for Holidailies is that the portal page fills with dozens of people all sharing their diverse stories around a single topic — it’s a great community experience. In that way I wouldn’t compare it to a “crib sheet” at all but more like a story circle. Plus, sometimes you want to write and you need that bit of inspiration from an outside source, whether it’s a news article you accidentally encounter, or a snippet of conversation … why not the occasional prompt?

  11. max

    Tell you what. I will give you your community prompts if a certain segment of the blogosphere to remain unnamed [coughcoughkittycoughcoughaj] will stop maligning my fun quizzes and youtubes.

  12. Did you get that cough from me?

    Hey, quizzes and YouTubes are cool, I just don’t think you can use them during Holidailies, or you have to have a certain word count added to them if you do.

    Peace out, Max.

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