hives and pizza


ghost charmerThe last time —

I had hives it was stress induced. It was also minimal. I got three bumps on my face, which kind of panicked me until I figured out what they were. And they went down pretty fast. One night’s sleep, hives gone.

This time, um, it appears to be an allergic reaction to something and they are all over my legs and forearms. And not pretty. And itch like hell. I keep looking at my legs thinking, Wow, so this is what it is like to be a reptile. I hope those lizards do not itch like this. It would suck to be them.

I am running low on cokes too. I am going to have to leave the house. I am imagining myself swaddled like a mummy stumbling into 7-11 for my cokes.

This is not good.

But to cheer myself up I got a pizza. Pizza is fattening as hell and I have been off all things fattening as hell for a while now except for that one ice cream rampage. But you know, when you are housebound with hives, the least you can do for yourself is have a nice man deliver comfort food and pizza is that.


*it is not really the pizza that is fattening it is the cheesecake that comes with the pizza

*okay, this is not hives and it is spreading um, just out of curiosity, what do measles look like?

*also it itches like crazy help!


where the art work comes from :
that is the ghost charmer by francis a. willey

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  1. You should have gotten a measles immunization, but if you have measles right now, you’d also have a fever.

    You need to get to the store quick for some Benadryl. 50 mg.

    Take a cool bath. Do not take a hot bath, if you do that the first thing you you will think of is how I told you not to do that.

  2. max

    Um. I do have a fever.

    There is no way I am going to a store at this point. I will see if the delivery people have benedryl.

    No hot baths. Check.

  3. Who could have given you measles? You’d have had to be around kids, no?

  4. I don’t think measles itch, although it has been 41 years since I had them and I can’t remember much except that I wasn’t painted with calomine lotion that time but was six years later when I had chicken pox and was painted with calomine lotion. Pink, mild-smelling body paint as a medicinal remedy generally sucks, so I’d go with what Kitty says while I drone on and on and on . . ..

  5. Dan

    If the itching gets too bad, may I suggest an oatmeal bath.

  6. The whelps are raised but small, not hive-like as in typical allergic reactions.

    If you have any swelling in your throat, make damn sure you go to an ER, okay?

  7. I see a lizard theme… I hope you enjoyed your pizza!

  8. max

    Well it used to be dots but now there are so many dots they are filling in like a sunburn. I wonder if solar cain would work on this.

  9. Dan

    It almost sounds like an allergic reaction to something. Eat anything weird lately?

  10. Max,

    Could it be psoriasis or – I got this one time – pityriasis?

    I’d definitely make a run for the doctor. After you eat your pizza, of course.

  11. Sounds like roseola.

    Compare to image here.

    Don’t buy any of that oatmeal bath stuff, you can make your own. Just take a cup of dry oats, put it in a knee-hi stocking and knot it. Throw in the tub while the water is running. Be careful, it makes the tub really slippery.

  12. max

    Oh no. A chest full of conditions that give people spots.

    I thought allergic reaction at first but I haven’t done anything new or different that would trigger an allergic reaction.

    I want to know if last week’s coffee companion came in contact with measles in San Diego. The time scale is right and that is the last place that had a measles outbreak.

  13. aj

    You should be able to get an antihistamine at the local store which will sort out hives, if it is indeed hives. If it is something more sinister, maybe nurse Kitty can help.

    It certainly was NOT the cheesecake though. If anything, cheesecake heals. It is a gift from the gods.

  14. max

    I am taking full advantage of my condition and scarfing cheesecake and carrot cake like there are no consequences. Fever burns calories right?

  15. Dan

    Starve a cold, scarf a fever…isn’t that the saying?

  16. Kym

    Both my boys had a weird bump breakout within the last month. The doctors never figured out what they were but they have disappeared.

    I’m sending you good wishes that yours will do they same.

    With any luck the cheesecake and carrot cake will make you feel at least a little better.

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  18. max

    Thanks. Hey, if this turns brown I am going to have the best tan of my life.

  19. Crossing my fingers for brown.

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