hilarious convo's on twitter


These guys —

On Twitter are talking about Sheryl Crow. She has a brain tumor. One of them says it is benign. Another guy really likes her music. Another says it’s not his thing but she’s better than most of the pop girl singers. They note she’s hot.

This is all especially funny to me because these are big brawny military guys. Usually they are talking about things like Mauser Broomhandles or what to do if your optics fail. Today they’re talking Sheryl Crow’s music and one of them is a fan. This is like Rambo suddenly launching into why he likes Disney movies.

I consider making popcorn.

They are also seriously not Democrats. I’m unsure whether they are Republican or Libertarian, but it is one or the other. Most likely Libertarian. This effects their reaction to hot chicks apparently —


Guy One: Isn’t she kinda liberal too?
Guy Two: Oh yeah, big time.
Guy One: Almost all the hot talented celebrity chicks are, its a shame.
Guy Two: Together we can turn them!


And people wonder why I love Twitter.


3 Responses to hilarious convo’s on twitter

  1. Too funny. (I need to follow these guys.)

  2. Max

    They are fun. I don’t know if they are okay with me posting their handles here though.

  3. Max

    Oh there they are and they are okay with it, the guys are @GordyGourd and @Growler130 on Twitter.

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