high heels and wardrobe angst

towelI. Have. Nothing. To. Wear.

Oh the pain.

Hey go see my friend Brian’s band Thicker Than Thieves at the Viper Room tonight.

I will be the girl wearing a towel by the bar since there is obviously nothing in this damn closet.

How does this happen?

9 Responses to high heels and wardrobe angst

  1. Well you are the one person I know who could wear a towel to a club and convince everyone it is a dress. And they need to go get one just like it.
    Bring a stack of towels and you’ll be buying everyone drinks tonight.
    Have a great time, Max.

  2. max

    Well it is a pretty cute towel.

  3. That’s a very cute picture, too.

  4. aj

    If you wear a towel into the Viper Room, you may never come out.

    Hope it is a good night.

  5. I always use that as an excuse to go shopping.

  6. Nancy

    So what did you wear?

  7. More importantly, did it wind up on the floor?

  8. max

    I went with tradition: When in doubt, wear lots of black.

    The band sounded good. It was fun.

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