The viagra people are out of control. Also the don’t be embarassed by your small dick people. Jeez. It makes me afraid to leave the house for fear men are out there dropping their pants in public to show off their new goods.


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  1. Tell me about it… That and ads for FU(K buddies. Sheesh!

  2. I’m surprised they haven’t considering they’re singing about it:

  3. max

    Oh. My. God. Are they actuall airing that? I am just traumatized by the nubmer of spams I have not seen commercials.

  4. This is one of the funniest things I’ve read this week, Max.


  5. Jimmy Suggs

    Isn’t Viagra for erectile disfunction?

    I don’t think it has any particular effect on penis size or growth.

  6. Mizly

    Today “Doctor Lucien Moreno” sent me a lovely e-mail with the subject header “women like you when you have big male organ” – and I started thinking, what if I did have one of those – in a jar or encased in plastic? that really all it takes to make new friends?

  7. max

    [Thoughts like those are why people fear writers Miz.]

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