help me obi wan kenobi!


I am trying —

To come up with a cool nickname that is sassy. It has to rhyme and be fun. Craig Ferguson is The Hot Mess from Loch Ness. Surely I can come up with something as good. I am a comedy writer.

Tragically my head got locked in on The Confused Lay from L.A.

It is like when you get a song stuck in your head I have not been able to get my brain out of that repeat.


[Okay really it was “hot” first but that was just whacky and then “confused” landed which is less suggestive but still. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!]


[Girl in Gray from L.A. is not sassy and Blonde Assassin does not rhyme with L.A. Also I had to look up the spelling of Kenobi.]


where the artwork comes from :
that is from

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  1. Connie

    Sunny Funny

  2. Connie

    “LA LA LAND LADY”, sorta like the name “Lady Gaga”, but different? and the name “Lady Gaga” is BIG HIT !
    and that is what everybody else (who is not from there and thinks its….well you know) calls L.A., “lala land”…..

  3. Connie

    Sunny Funny or La La Land Lady, my 2 picks….and they are good ones, me thinks?~!

  4. max

    Tragically Celluloid Blonde does not rhyme with L.A. either. Ahh!

  5. Lay Lady Gray from LA

    Okay, maybe not.

  6. I just keep thinking of all the names I would have given bands if I’d ever started a band. I really should have started a band. Oh well…

    Since you’re dying to know those names, one was “Oedipal Underwear.” Another was “The Burt Ward Burn Ward.” I also liked “Uniporn” for a while. (You can imagine what that logo would have looked like.)

    Huh. None of that is helpful at all, is it?

    Well, it so happens I’m headed out for a hike on a gorgeous, sunny day, so dammit, I’ll be brainstorming a kickass nickname for you and only you. :)

  7. max

    Burn Ward would be a pretty good name for a band. I Also like Ionic Pet Brush.

  8. “The Ass-Kicking Writer Who Wants You Inside Her.”


    Too on-the-nose?

  9. michael

    ‘the twainted twinkae from l.a.’

  10. michael


  11. Hanging around airports has got me thinking “Max from LAX”. Or repeat visits to LA airport would have “Max re-LAX”

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