jean_shorts_iiSo —

Is anybody reading any of this or is this all just a collosal waste of my time?



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  1. Swardo

    I read you loud and clear.

  2. max

    Whew! Thanks. I was beginning to hear an echo.

  3. ashleyfmiller

    Sometimes the politics are too depressing to comment. Just a “Ugh. True” is all I can manage.

  4. I also read you loud and clear – I am simply stunned that a “Christian” (Christian usually – or at least used to – mean “caring”) nation can be so selfish. Here in Oz we are moving in the same “bottom line” direction. :(

  5. I’m here. I just echo Ashley in the politics thing. I can’t get involved or I’ll be featured on the 11 o’clock news for going batshit.


  6. max

    Don’t get depressed. Get mad.

  7. sean

    I’m reading.

    It’s difficult to judge the impact any of our impassioned and factually based essays and comments is having, because the people we’re trying to reach are so psycho-emotionally entrenched in whatever delusions Glenn Beck fills them with, which are reinforced by their own like-minded, low-information pals.

    I wrote my home-state senator Grassley, which I know full well to be a ‘waste of time’ but at least I know I did my duty as an American. And I may go to a rally at 5pm today. I’d like to show that there are more sentient beings in this country who want health insurance reform than confused crackpot windbags who want.. well, whatever it is they want. One could say that’s a ‘waste of time’ too, but, you do what you can.

    At any rate, providing ammo for the rest of us to help our somewhat-less-than-batshit-insane friends and remotely open-minded people see the reality of the situation is not, in my opinion, a ‘waste of time’ by any definition. :-)

    Keep up the good work!


  8. max

    I do not think the misinformed minority will be convinced. But convincing the rabid minority is not the goal here. Convincing Congress is. And I do think people in D.C. can be convinced. Writing letters says to someone in D.C. his or her voter base is questioning his or her actions and not happy with those actions. And in the end, it doesn’t matter how much cash an insurance company throws at someone if his or her voter base just won’t vote for him or her. And they know, for every letter one person feels compelled to sit down and write? There are a LOT of people thinking the same thing who don’t write. Each letter counts. And a lot of letters really counts.

  9. nothings

    I’m still reading this even though I haven’t been by the forum in years…

  10. max

    Wow I have not seen you in an age. The forum is pretty quiet these days.

    Hey, Ben. Smooch!

  11. Spartacus

    Love reading your blog

  12. max

    So. Um. It is reassuring to know nine people are reading here.

    The rest of you suck.

  13. I’d rather just bomb shit Fight Club style. That should send the message.

  14. I am also mesmerized by that photo wondering where she is going to find fat.

  15. forkboy1965

    Sorry Max….personal troubles have kept me preoccupied.

  16. max

    I am sorry to hear that Fork. I hope things are better.

    Stil I think you are March in a Maurice Sendak poem.

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