hello, projectionist?


window_heelsCongratulations —

Keep pouring in for being a finalist in Script Pimp.

There is a Max Adams who is a finalist in the Script Pimp competition too.

The thing is. That is not me. In fact couldn’t be me. Because —

Script Pimp is an amateur screenwriting competition.

To even think I could be a finalist in an amateur screenwriting competition means people would have to be unaware I am an industry pro. You know. Sales. Options. Credits. Paychecks. WGA. Awards. That kind of stuff?

Wow. That is so disquieting. Um —

Hello, projectionist? Would you run some of the career highlights please?





*listen, it is not that i do not appreciate the well wishes and congratulation, i do, i just find it disturbing so many people appear completely unaware i actually have a career as a working screenwriter


where the art work comes from :
that is from miss britt

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  1. FaigM

    You’re just right (just and right): indeed, we all well-wishers should have rattled the marbles and remembered that “previously unoptioned, unproduced… not earned more than 5,000…”!!!
    Apart from that, I personally thought (totally forgetful of the PIMP being an “amateur contest”), well, she’s gotta be like Clint Eastwood, championing on in many contests though he’s as Clint Eastwood as it gets already.)))

    Imagination boiling as I devour a pide (a Turkish pizza):
    1) the guy called Max Adams wins the grand prize and goes on to write and direct a “Being Max Adams” flick (along the lines of “Being John Malkovich”.
    2) the guy called Max Adams wins the grand prize, goes on to establish a neat career in Tinseltown and everybody then refers to him as “the Other Adams Guy” (along the lines of “The Other Boleyne Girl”)
    3) stepping out of the congregation, the PIMP contest’s Max Adams sees our darling Max Adams with a Colt Peacemaker and, well, umm, Clint Eastwood’s squint. Our Max Adams, ‘This town is too small for two Max Adams screenwriters, pal. Savvy?’ And — bang! bang! bang!

    Sorry. I didn’t have breakfast today so I’m getting high on my pide…

  2. I always thought you were a pet sitter?

  3. max

    Rane, :::grrr:::

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