Tonight at Bikram I had made it through and was collapsed on the bench where I usually go to hog all the fan air right after class.

One of the Bikram peeps said, “You survived!”

She was laughing.

I make a big deal about how most likely I won’t survive when I am on the way in.

“I’m going in, send flowers.”

I said, “Naw, the body is still in there, this is just me in spirit.”

Another Bikram peep said, “I love Max’s spirit.”

It is one of those off the cuff things someone says, and really nice. It gets you because it is a surprise compliment someone handed you without thinking about it, it was just there on top.


A guy said to me after the Gridiron Heroes celebrity softball game, “I love watching you play.”

I laughed pretty hard.

[I try pretty hard too but if I have any celebrity clout at all, it is for sure not for my mad softball playing skillz.]

He said, “You have such…” — and I have forgotten the word he chose, it was a funny word, but it means something like “determination” and was more charming than that.


I think they mean “heart.”


I watched Kirk Gibson bring a World Series home for the Dodgers one year running on heart. That guy’s leg should not even have been working and he still ran home the win for that team.

“Heart” is a serious compliment.

I will take it.


where the artwork comes from:
that is from :::rooftop views::: post of the “my heart is a beast” art exhibit


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