have you called your representative today?


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Henry Waxman & Barbara Boxer today supporting H.R. 676 and the Weiner amendment to supplant H.R. 3200 with same in the House vote this week.

Let me say that again. House. Vote. This Week. Call. NOW.

Feinstein’s phone doesn’t take messages during “office closed” hours & during “office open” hours has a message that says lines are busy call back later. [Weak, Feinstein, very weak.]

Have you called your rep today?

:::here is how:::

And, do you know what Single-Payer aka Universal Health Care aka “Medicare for All” aka H.R. 676 is?

:::what hr676 is:::

It is not Public Option. Public Option is a government created and run insurance program you buy insurance from the same way you buy insurance from an insurance company.

H.R. 676 is real universal government paid health care, much like France has universal health care and Canada and Britain have universal health care and Denmark and Sweden have universal health care and — well, every first world developed country on the the globe has universal health care.

Except the U.S.


:::understanding hr676:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from tobbyotter

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  1. I commend your activism. I have left politics. I used to be very active. Now I am just gone.

  2. As soon as I get a phone I will call. Thanks for your good tweets & activism.

  3. max

    Paul you have internet access. They have internet contact info. Email.

    Spliced I am sorry to hear that.

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