have we been conquered?

Lately there is this British flag flying over a building outside my window. It is next to an American flag. Both flags are on real official flag poles. This British flag just sort of showed up one day. There it was outside my window. And there it still is every day now.

I wonder if we were conquered by England recently and I just did not notice.

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  1. Like anyone would want us.

  2. Not so much conquered max, as repossessed for back taxes.

  3. Actually, the Brits just withdrew from Basra to your neighborhood

  4. max

    Uh uh. Those fourth of July cards I have been sending the queen may have been a mistake.

  5. Conundrum

    Those Brits can be sneaky – taking over the country by putting a flag up on one building at a time.

    They probably got that idea from the russians putting that one flag undersea at the north pole to annoy the Canadians.

  6. Are you sure you’re not drunk?

  7. As long as it’s not flying higher than ours…

  8. max

    It has been there at least three days I do not have that kind of stamina Stil.

    You know they do not take those flags down either they just leave them hanging there and not with a spot light or anything either. For all the alleged flag waving patriots in this country an awful lot of them do not appear to know the way you are supposed to treat that flag if you honor it.

  9. Actually, you can easily tell if you’ve been taken over by the Brits. Has your food suddenly become tasteless and deep-fried? If so, congratulations: you’ve been taken over by the British!

  10. We must fight this or will have to suffer that Big Brother show all over the tele at all hours for months on end.

  11. Then Britain colonized American school cafeterias decades ago . . .

  12. max

    “Has your food suddenly become tasteless and deep-fried? If so, congratulations: you’ve been taken over by the British!”

    I thought that was Southern cooking. The Brits deep fry? Really?

  13. I’d take the Brits over Bush.

  14. max

    You know Bush Sr. was knighted by the Queen of England? While he was in freaking office?

    That is expressly in violation of the Constitution which outlaws titles.

    It is also appalling the president of the United States of America would kneel to the head of a foreign nation to receive a title of servitude.


    But, then, like now, the citizens of my fine country did not seem to notice there was a problem.

  15. I did not know that. That is very strange.

  16. [As in, why didn’t anyone say something?]

  17. max

    “[As in, why didn’t anyone say something?]”

    That is a very good question.

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  20. californiablogging

    Hmm a British Pub opened around the corner from here. I better get better at darts. But I don’t want to put vinegar on my fries.

  21. I’m still a bangers-and-mash fan, but that’s after four years of childhood there . . . .

  22. Southern cooking? Blasphemy!

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