hat calamity


#02 modelI wear a baseball cap.

I wear a baseball cap a lot. Usually a white baseball cap. This is mostly to cover up hair I do not really want to mess with — which happens more often than it should probably. White basball caps are cute but after a while they get tarnished by wear and they are never the same if you wash them in a washer so I just buy a new one when the old one gets too tarnished to be okay for polite society. Which is what I did a week ago when the old baseball cap was just too shabby to wear any more. And I have been happily trotting about in my new sparkley white baseball cap not thinking much about it till I go to the Academy yesterday to the Nicholl lunch and am chatting with people and after about an hour Joan [Joan is Greg Beal’s Nicholl left hand] who keeps eyeing my cap finally says, Max, do you know the price tag of your hat is on the brim?

And it is. I have never even noticed. But there on the brim of my hat is a sticky price tag. Which has been there at least a week, ever since I bought the hat, every single time I wore it.



where the art work comes from :
that is #02 model from moann

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  1. Ha. Max is the new price-tag-on-her-hat lady.

  2. Double HA!

    “Maxie Pearl”

    Too funny.

  3. The plus side is that at least people noticed your face more then your hat.

    Like, people always notice my shoes.

    Which are hiking boots.


  4. max

    You live in Seattle. People in Seattle have a weird fascination with shoes — which is odd considering how ugly most Seattle footwear is.

  5. You’ve been gone awhile…most of it isn’t ugly.
    ALL of it is ugly.

  6. max

    LOL — I was being tactful.

  7. aj

    There is nothing I need to write here right? You know I’m laughing.

  8. Well, I am not laughing……nooooooooo

  9. Ginny

    Once upon a time at my first real job in a grocery store, I was told my running shoes were not appropriate and to get some other footwear. I was poor. I went into a discount store and picked up a pair of faux leather loafers. At the end of my first shift, my feet hurt like hell. I took the shoes off. Out came the cardboard that had been inserted in them to hold their shape. Laughter amongst co-workers ensued. I feel your pain

  10. max

    Oh no. Ginny, your poor feet.

    [Jeez, buncha unsympathetic bastards, you mock my pain.]

  11. Hey Max, people laugh when I just wear a baseball cap. I look that bad in one.

  12. max

    Aw, Kitty, I can only imagine you looking cute in a baseball cap.

  13. Oh no. I look beyond ridiculous in a cap. I have one anyway and wear it just to work out in the yard. I make a good scarecrow.

  14. dailytri

    This happens way way more often than one would expect. At work not long ago, a guy was wearing dark blue pants on on the pant leg was the long clear sticker with the waist and inseam printed on it. I casually told him he may want to remove it unless he was trying to make a fashion statement. He was not.

  15. max

    That is funny that is what Joan said, that she was not sure if she should say anything maybe I was making a fashion statement.

  16. a price tag on a baeball hat might be a fashion whisper….a fashion statement would be max in a sombrero

  17. And a fashion exclamation would be Max in a sombrero naked.

  18. no, that would be a clarian call to the cardiac care unit for me

  19. I would rather see Max in a sombrero naked or not. I despise baseball caps. My grandfather used to yell at anyone who wore one to the dinner table. Bad manners he’d say. Probably only applies to men though. Southern rules I suppose.

  20. max

    Listen, I will do a lampshade naked, but I am not doing a sombrero naked.

  21. Somehow, taking a siesta while wearing a lampshade does not conjure up romantic images of Mexico.

  22. More like Cheech and Chong, really.

  23. max

    Where did romantic images of Mexico come from? Mexico is not all that romantic either you know. It is very very hot [hello more sunscreen] and dusty and people drive like maniacs and the water is poison.

  24. Well the last time I sat outside and ate at Chevy’s the weather was just gorgeous, the margaritas were salted perfectly and the music was festive — oh wait — you mean an outing to my local Tex Mex joint doesn’t count?

  25. What happened to Greg’s right hand guy? Sean?

    I think a Goddess of All Things Fashion wearing the price tag on the cap is a sign of the apocalypse. I could be wrong.

  26. max

    Sean is still at the Academy. Greg and he used to handle both the fellowships and the grants programs, now the grants program has been split off as its own division and Sean runs that. He still comes by the lunches though. Have you met Joan? She is very nice.

  27. Nope, haven’t met her. Maybe this year!

  28. classic.

    i think you should do it again, only this time add OBO after the price.

    when somebody asks, yeah it’s for sale. then shrug a little, and add, “charity.”

    chances are, they’ll give you the price for it…

    but when you start to take off the cap to hand it over, they’ll politely decline. “oh, i don’t need a hat, i just want to help the… what is that cause again?” “children.” “yes. i want to help the children. you keep the cap.”

    people want to feel good about themselves, and help the children, whoever they are, but not to the extent of wearing someone else’s “greasy yellow build up”.

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